The equipment that I’ll be using for this is simple:

Modern Android Phone (2.2.3+) – will be used to send data and allow the ePatient to view their data

Raspberry Pi – To be used a server for storing and sending patient data.

Arduino Nano – used as a micro-controller to control Input/Output devicces

Bluetooth controller – to send data between the ARduino and the phone

“Input Sensor” – Normally you should use a heart sensor, however for the purposes of this project I’ll use a proximity sensor as it’s much easier to control the values I’m getting from this compared to a Pulse sensor! (although I have ordered one for testing!)



This blog is to document the progress of building an Automated Electronic Health Record system. This will be a basic system (which can easily be extended) that records vitals which enables the M-Health revolution whilst allowing physicians to easily access such data!